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Treatment of Rising Damp

The most practical and effective way to install a chemical DPC is to make an existing mortar course into a waterproof barrier, using high strength damp-proofing products. For instance F W Damp proofing are approved by Wykamol Group ltd and Biokil Crown ltd, two leading manufacturers of specialist products.


We use a patented high-strength silicone-based cream that is injected into holes drilled at regular intervals along a mortar course. Once injected, the cream diffuses along the mortar course before curing to form a breathable water-repellent resin – preventing dampness from rising up the wall. This only has to be done from one side of a solid wall, we tend to do this externally of any property unless there are altercations to which we will do internally.


Completion of any remedial damp treatment is guaranteed by the product manufacturer and you will receive a certificate of guarantee that lasts for 20 - 30 years depending on the manufacturer.

Prevention of Penetrating Damp

There are two main methods for tanking, a Tanking Membrane that comes in sheet form and Tanking Slurry that is chemically designed to bond with damp masonry and form a waterproof layer. The right method will depend on your exact requirements and the type of damp you are dealing with. You may also need to use a combination of these methods to ensure your walls stay dry.


You will need tanking if you’re converting a basement/cellar or have an area of your home that’s below the level of your damp proof course, the reason is that the walls will already be damp as they contain moisture from the earth.


Our go to Tanking is the Tanking Slurry its easier to apply though it takes around 3 days to complete due to instructions of leaving it to dry between coats. All plaster must be removed from the area that needs tanking (or you can ask our team to do so at an additional cost), any big holes will have to be filled in before with replacement bricks and/or mortar. Then we will apply the first coat of tanking using a masonry brush at a weaker consistency to the following coats. Leaving to dry in between coats, after all coats are applied the wall will have to be left until the following day for it to be plastered.

Woodworm Treatment

There are a number of wood-boring insects that attack timber in properties in the UK with the most common being the ‘Common Furniture Beetle’ (or to give its official name Anobium Punctatum) that attacks softwood. Most people only worry when they see small holes in the timber of their property, these are known as 'flight holes' as these wood boring beetle are 'on the wing'. To distinguish if there is a live infestation is quite difficult, when we inspect a property we try to distinguish the type of beetle so we can treat the timber.


There are a number of ways of treating woodworm. We opt for water-based spray treatments due to the effectiveness and efficiency in killing woodworm it is also classed as 'low-oder' . This type of treatment requires a re-entry time of one hour though we advise our customers to leave it a little longer after the treatment has been carried out. The woodworm treatment is sprayed directly onto the timber and is absorbed into the timber over a period of time, killing any living woodworm and eggs near the surface. Woodworm that are already boring inside the wood will be killed as they eat through the treated timber.


F W Damp proofing supply a 20 - 30 year contractor guarantee after completion issued by the manufacturer of the specialist product that we use, giving you peace of mind that the treatment is effective.



F W Damp proofing is a Father-Son company located in Rugby, Warwickshire. With over 25 years experience we have specialised in the treatment of damp and timber issues being approved by the major specialist product manufacturer Wykamol Group Ltd. We offer FREE inspections/quotations in the local area and a small fee for surrounding areas which will be refunded if any work is carried out.

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